Sprite Pork Adobo Recipe

One of my favorite adobo recipes is the Sprite Pork Adobo. This is the sweet version of Adobong Pork in the Philippines, which is a lemon or lime pop such as Sprite used instead of sugar to add to the flavor of the dish. This may not be a common way to cook pork, but the results of this recipe are promising. In fact, the end result was delicious and the meat was as tender as I could imagine.

There are two keys to making a dish successful. The first is to make sure the pork is flavored and the second is to keep it soft, to make it easier to chew. The mixture is washed in pork while marinated in Sprite and soy sauce. During the 3 to 6 hour process, the meat tends to absorb the marinade. It remains intact even when the pork is cooking. Making pork tender means using the amount of heat at a given interval, this means cooking pork belly between medium to medium heat for 1 hour or more.

You may have tried some pork adobo recipes before and have enough knowledge on how to cook the basic version. I recommend that you take the basic information that has been collected and the expertise that you make with a higher version. You will enjoy the results if you are a fan of adobo that is sweet.

One thing to consider is the meat that will be used for this recipe. Pork belly is better because it has the fat for your favorite meat ration. However, a pork butt or shoulder may work. I like to use fat cuts of pork while cooking adobo because the fat helps to make it moist. This makes meat more nutritious.

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